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K-Mart Is Cool For Once lol

I went to K-Mart yesterday and brought the Pride&Prejudice DVD and then when I got home I thought it was weird that I didn't see it at Hollywood video when I went on Tuesday so I looked it up on Amazon and found out that it doesnt come out till Feb 28 so I got it early. lol I'll have to go back around the time HP4 comes out and see if I can get that early too lol

Yay! the new sims 2 exspansion pack comes out Thursday! Is anyone buying it? I think it looks really cool and I wanna have my own shop so I can fire people lol

And oh yeah for people that have credit/debit cards and like to play alot of video games but hate rental stores cause they never have anything, you should try gamefly.com it works like netflixs I got it and its pretty cool and fast too and the got this awesome dancing game coming out soon where u can take any cd and put into the game and it makes up a dance for u to dance to, to that song. I can't wait till it comes out hehe
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So Funny...

first I would like to say... isn't my icon cute? hehe *drools over Hiroki and sighs* so much cuter then Gil *sits and waits to be killed by pack of angry Gil fans*

Do mind me... I've had a little too much sugar tonight lol

And I made a clip of my favorite part of the first ep of "Stand Up!"

The dude that Hiroki is playing is trying to be "pure" by not having sex and thinking inpure thoughts. But one of the dudes' parents own a hotel so they all watch the secerity cam and see someone dude from school making out with some girl. And then afterwards Hiroki trues to "purify" himself in the bathtub while chanting lol And I love the ending where the one guy yells "where is it?" or somethin like that and Hiro turns around in the tub all shocked lmao anyways you'll see...
Oh and the subtitles aren't that great and they have chinese subtitles in too so sorry in advance lol
Watch the video (size:9MB time:2Mins)
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LJ Friend List Cleaning

I decided to clean up my LJ Friend List a bit from people that I barely read or I never talk to and ect. So here's the list:

Take Off List

If you see your name on the list and want to be added back on just leave me a comment and I'll do it :)
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Back From Hanson Show

dude Hanson sooooo rocked! And I didn't pass out whoo hoo! I thought I was going to pass out when I got there from the heat but I didn't, thank goodness! Right now i have barely any voice from yelling so much lol

The only thing that got on my nerves was this couple in front of me and the guy kept necking and kissing is gf ever god damn 3 minutes! Not only is that just gross to watch but everytime he kissed her I couldn't see! So when Hanson went on stage I went right behind the guy's ear and made one really high pitched scream and he jumped while covering his ears lmfao I did that at least 5 times during the show too.

That's about it, I'd right more but I dont want to lol
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Happy Friday The 13TH!

I got an email saying that my Hanson tickets for the NJ show were mailed out today yay! hehe

Today was so cute, Tayer slept next to me for about 8 hours while I was sleeping. The funny thing is that I had a dream about her when she was a kitten today too lol

Oh and Frank thinks that his hotel is going to hire me soon because they are firing all the foreign people that don't have their green card cuz its illegal. And Frank said that alot of the spanish girls that were working there were already fired because of it. I'm not too frilled to cleaning up rooms but at least I can sit down if I need to. Cause he said that alot of the cleaners sit on the beds into the hotel room and watch soap opras while cleaning the rooms lol plus they make like $8 an hour I think so that's good money.

well that's about it. So see ya later!
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Ok the main part of ambitious-dreamers.net is up so could you all visit the site and sign the guestbook for me pretty please? ty! I've been transfering the domain since 4:30PM and I still got 5 more sites to up. Oye vey!

Oh and happy birthday to Taylor Hanson. He's 22 today. Wow that's like... old. lol
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Things I Should Be Doing...

- taking make up tests for school
- adding stuff to Hanson site
- practicing my german since my reading skills suck ass

What I'm doing right now:
Listening to Metallica while being bored as hell.
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I'm Gonna Be Sick...

A shit load of hair just came out when I smoothed my hair out with my hand which scared the shit out of me and I started crying bcuz I don't want to lose my hair. So I decided... I'm most likely gonna get a haircut above the shoulder... I hope it will help. I don't know what's up with my hair... I dont know if its the way I wash my hair or what. But when I come back from the hair dresser barely anything comes out and then I wash it and it falls out. So I'm gonna start lookin for a short haircut I like.. maybe I'll get a cut like Yuna in FFX lol I dunno but its gonna kill me to cut. Because I love long hair, but it'll grow back I guess.
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