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03 September 2005 @ 03:50 am
So Funny...  
first I would like to say... isn't my icon cute? hehe *drools over Hiroki and sighs* so much cuter then Gil *sits and waits to be killed by pack of angry Gil fans*

Do mind me... I've had a little too much sugar tonight lol

And I made a clip of my favorite part of the first ep of "Stand Up!"

The dude that Hiroki is playing is trying to be "pure" by not having sex and thinking inpure thoughts. But one of the dudes' parents own a hotel so they all watch the secerity cam and see someone dude from school making out with some girl. And then afterwards Hiroki trues to "purify" himself in the bathtub while chanting lol And I love the ending where the one guy yells "where is it?" or somethin like that and Hiro turns around in the tub all shocked lmao anyways you'll see...
Oh and the subtitles aren't that great and they have chinese subtitles in too so sorry in advance lol
Watch the video (size:9MB time:2Mins)
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Jenn: Yelenalady_jenevieve on September 3rd, 2005 09:54 am (UTC)
That show's pretty good from the clip, I like the guy with the green jersey he's cute ^_^ and I usually don't go for the athletic kind of guys too. I nearly died laughing at Hiroki and his bathtub purification. Also that bathtub is also very interestingly shaped like a bowl... I want one! ^_^